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MR Spectroscopy
at Your Service

Non-invasive Real-time

Biochemical Snapshot of Cellular Activity

AI Solution for Clinical MR Spectroscopy

Currently, only a few metabolites can be quantifiable among vast  metabolite signals that already exist In conventional MRS data. we’re dedicated to advancing MRS by overcoming current limitations with powerful AI technology.

Products and Services

Discover New Clinical Findings with More Metabolites 
from Conventional Standard MRS Data.
Available on most MRI scanners, adding 3 to 10 minutes to MRI scan, MRS provides biochemical
information for diagnosis, treatment monitoring and research.
Structural Imaging
Metabolic Imaging
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)
MRI Scanner
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Scan Time
Emerging role of clinical MRS
30 years of 30,000+ research using in-vivo MRS revealed localized molecular biomarkers. MRS has unique advantages for displaying the real-time, dynamic metabolic process in different pathological processes, providing opportunities for early diagnosis, therapeutic efficacy evaluation, decision-making, drug development, and even exploration of new disease mechanisms.
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Bringing Precision Medicine
Closer to Reality

We aim to transform Medicine with

Advanced MR Spectroscopy. 

Join our journey in making history.

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