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All great things come from small beginnings.

METLiT is a made of people, with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to bring Precision Medicine to Reality with metabolites. 

What we value

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Our Culture

Our mission is to expand the use of MRS in the clinical fields by simplifying it with AI.

However, there is so much more values than the mission in METLiT.
​METLiT is a full of team members respecting, helping, and trusting others in the company.

Our members are open to any ideas in daily lives encouraging each others with full creativity.

To ensure our team members are satisfied in our journey, we are always open to any concerns or worries, so everyone is satisfied in achieving their dreams.

Open Positions

  • [Engineering - Software] C++ Software Platform Engineer
  • [Product Design] UI/UX Designer
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