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MRS Network

Open to researchers interested in advancing metabolic signature with
MRS AI in research and clinical trials.

Bringing Precision Medicine

Closer to Reality

We are looking for researchers to join our MRS Network

to fasten the clinical application of MRS.

Current MRS Problem

Too many metabolites are missing

The conventional MRS studies were only able to find only a few metabolites relations due to technical barriers such as signal intensity of metabolites and overlapping issues.

Limited number of Ultra high-field MRI Scanners

Most hospitals do not have Ultra High-Field (7T) MRI scanners to perform MRS. This limits the number of metabolites that researchers can look for.

Our approach

METLiT MRS AI solution can reliably demonstrate

low metabolites such as Glu, Gln, GABA, and GSH simultaneously. 

Even from retrospective studies, we are convinced that researchers will discover new findings.

*MRS data acquired using 3T Short-TE PRESS

We have recently discovered new metabolic homeostasis in different types of metabolites that were previously hidden. We will soon submit this work to academic journals. 

Main purpose in our network

This network aims to find novel biomarkers and relationships in the brain and central nervous system. Research from the network will be shared with the public and other researchers to advance understanding of the human brain & neurology, and to translate research into clinical applications as soon as possible.

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